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Chiropractic Care For Animals

Chiropractic care for animals can be appropriate from young to geriatric age animals. In our practice we see many geriatric animals that suffer from arthritis, degenerative disc disease, and overall soreness and stiffness from living an active life. So how does chiropractic help with these conditions? Chiropractic can help relieve the pain and inflammation associated with these conditions by opening up the nervous system channels and restoring motion into these joints. We recently saw a 13 year old German Sheppard in our office who was having back end and hind leg problems. Her owner reported she was having a hard time getting up from laying down, could no longer go up or down stairs, and overall had decreased energy and activity. At times her back legs would give out on her when she was just standing, she would stumble and fall when she walked as well. When she came into our office, we tested her neurological reflexes and found they were lacking in both her back legs, which is why she was falling and her legs were giving out on her. We found areas in the spine and pelvis that were not moving correctly as well as areas in her hind leg joints that were not properly moving as well. After three adjustments, she had feeling in all but one toe, her deep reflexes returned and her owner reported she was more stable and steady when standing and walking. She even showed an increase in energy! The rule of thumb with pain is that it is the last symptoms to present itself, but the first to leave. When it comes to animals, dogs and horses specifically, they are pack or herd animals. If they show pain or illness or weakness they will be abandoned to fend for themselves, in most cases, therefore, when these animals show signs of pain, the problem has been there for a while. Most animals will respond within three adjustments if it is a chiropractic case.  The goal of care is to make sure they have a high quality of life filled with comfort and to prevent these conditions from occurring. 

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