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Dosing CBD

Chronic pain, seizures, inflammation and anxiety. All ailments that Suzy’s CBD helps to alleviate in your pets, but dispensing the proper dose is vital to using the product correctly and providing the most effective treatment for your animal. Below are some common Q&A’s around dosing and CBD use that will help navigate the administering process.

How Should I Dose CBD To My Animal?
With dosing, its important to start slow and build up. It’s necessary to consider the weight and age of your animal, as well as the severity of their ailments. We suggest you start with 1mg per 10lbs split in the a.m./p.m. For example, if you have a 40lb dog, you would give them 2mg in the a.m. and then 2mg in the p.m.
It’s easiest to mix the CBD tincture with your animal’s daily meals but for faster absorption, you can administer CBD oil under their tongue or straight along your pets gum line. If after a week of use there are no apparent improvements, you may increase your animals dose 1mg at a time.

If your pet is on any medications, please check with your vet before administering CBD.

Can My Pet Overdose On CBD?
Fear not, my fellow animal caretakers! Pets cannot overdose on CBD. If they do consume more than their normal dose, they may experience lethargy or loose stool and may become very relaxed.

When Will I See Results?
After 3-7 days of dosing, 2x a day, you should see a difference in your animal. If not, you may need to increase the dose, 1mg at a time, until you see the desired results.

What if My Pet Only Needs CBD Occasionally??
Suzy’s CBD is a great resource for when your animal may experience high stress due to a situational circumstance such as: car rides, vet visits, groomers, large gatherings in your home, fireworks etc.

For increased effectiveness, remember to dose your dog 1 HOUR before the known activity will take place. You may also start dosing 2x daily, 2-3 days before the event, to ensure optimal effectiveness (such as the 4th of July or New Years).

What Is The Difference Between Tinctures and Treats?
The CBD treats are easy to dispense, great for occasional CBD use, are easy to travel with and dogs love them! Who wouldn't devour pumpkin or apple cookies?!?
The soft treats are good for geriatric dogs, smaller breeds or dogs with deteriorating teeth.
Tinctures are stronger in potency, you can dose according to your animals needs, and are more affordable. Tinctures are ideal for everyday use, if your animal has a chronic ailment, for larger breeds and if you have multiple animals in your home needing CBD.

Who Can I Contact For Additional Support?
Lisa Schuneman, the Owner of A Well Fed Pet, is available 7 days a week to answer ANY inquiries you may have. She can be reached by text, at 303-902-7315, and is passionate about providing support and education for pet caretakers to ensure their furry families are living their most optimal life. Thank you for taking your animals well being into your hands, and being the steward of healthy living for them!


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