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CBD Use With Older and Anxious Dogs

Getting older is never easy, it comes with its own set of challenges that we often are able to address. But what about our furry family members? Dogs are often very stoic when it comes to their aches and pains as they get older. Sometimes when they do show it, we take them to the vet and they could be put on mediations that could pose larger health risks over time. Such as diabetes, liver failure, kidney problems, and so on. Is there a natural alternative?

CBD is a wonderful, natural, alternative to pain relief and so much more. CBD is used as an anti-inflammatory that can reduces joint swelling, inflammation, alleviate pain, help with anxiety and even seizures. It helps dogs without the side effects some pain medications might have. Reducing inflammation is the biggest upside to giving your dog CBD. Especially as dogs get older, their joints, like ours, may become arthritic and compromised. CBD may help relieve the pain they feel from arthritis, and generalized old age.


The use of CBD may be a great way to help with the anxiety a pet feels as well. The Vet is a scary place for a dog, with all the smells, noises, and strangers. Car rides can also be scary, especially for rescue dogs. Maybe the dog doesn’t like the groomers and has a hard time being there. What about thunderstorms? Or being left home alone? CBD helps to calm the anxieties a dog might face. While we humans have a plethora of ways to calm ourselves, dogs don’t and can sometimes need extra help. Don’t forget that chew toys, antlers or bones can help calm your dogs along with the CBD.

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