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My name is Tillie and my mom Lisa rescued me three years ago. I am a good girl and love to play with my three other siblings. I guess sometimes I get a little carried away and run and play too hard. I am always pulling a muscle in my leg. Because I am a pit bull, I just keep going and then the pain gets so bad that I can’t put weight on my hurt leg.


Mom gives me Suzie’s CBD tincture two times a day and uses the Suzie’s salve three times a day. It reduces the swelling and relieves my pain so I can rest. Thank goodness for Suzie’s CBD. It makes my life a lot better.


Oh, by the way, when lots of people come over to my house, my sister Kalli gets very anxious. Mom gives her a CBD treat and it relaxes her so she can enjoy the company. We give Suzie’s four paws up.

I have 7 Siberian Huskies all are on the oil as an anti-inflammatory and two are on for Lola and Diesel for more serious conditions.


Lola is approximately 16 years old she is a rescue. Lola has cancer on her anus. We are treating the mass topically twice a day and internally three times a day with 1000 mg. CBD oil. This has helped manage her pain and appears to have reduced the size of the mass. Our vet came to examine Lola and said Lola has improved.


Diesel is 4 years old and has had seizures since he turned one. The first year we tried to determine if they were going to continue. He was having seizures every 90 days. After a year he had 4 seizures in a row and struggled to come out of it. That very day we put Diesel on the 1000mg CBD oil and he was seizure free for 7 months when he got an ear infection. A previous vet put him on antibiotics and prednisone which we think blocked the effects of the CBD oil. Diesel had two mornings of 4 repeated seizures. We upped his frequency and dose and again had 6.5 months seizure free. This time Diesel had two seizures over four hours and the seizures were significantly reduced in strength. He only had one at a time and he never lost control of his bowels. We have upped his dose and Diesel appears to be stable again.


Thanks so much to you and Suzie's CBD oil.


C. Davis


Ava is doing so well on her CBD drops. She leans toward having anxiety and being pretty needy, but the CBD keeps her calm and happy.
I just add it to her breakfast and she's good all day!

Great for Humans too!


Suzie’s CBD Salve is my go-to aches and pains reliever for myself.


Recently I pulled a muscle in my lower back. After a very uncomfortable day of dealing with a stiff and painful back, I applied Suzie’s CBD Salve and within 5 minutes, my back muscle relaxed and the pain subsided. During the next couple days I did repeated applications until the muscle relaxed permanently.


Suzie’s CBD Salve is the only remedy in my home remedy arsenal that relieved my muscle pain, and I encourage others to try it.


– Donna C.

At first, I started using Suzie’s Salve because it worked on my friend, and it helped her very quickly, and I was hoping it would do the same for me. I started out with a small amount, and I kind of felt it but still had the pain, just not as bad. So, I used a larger amount, did this a few times, and I started not feeling the pain. It really does work. I use it for joint pains, cramps, back pain, all my pains. I love it....Only one problem with it, and that is it doesn't come in a " BUCKET" size container...


– Janet

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