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Why is Answers Fish Stock Helpful in Dogs and Cats

Answers Fermented Fish Stock With Ground Fermented Sardines


Believe me I had some serious doubts about the benefits of fish stock for dogs and cats until our customers started using the product.  One dog could barely walk because of bad joint issues.  Now the dog is playing with his siblings.  Another dog was diagnosed with beginning stages of kidney failure and now his blood tests show that he is much improved.

It can be alarming to a pet owner to see his animal suffering from an issue where the only way to improve health is through surgery or expensive medication.  Fish stock is a product which can be tried first to help relieve symptoms of various ailments. I am not a vet but I do try non traditional forms of treatment as an option which may be less invasive for my dogs.


What can fish stock help with? 

Pet Joints-It contains GAG’a which is the major component of joint cartilage and is high in anti inflamatory amino acids.  The fish stock also contains gelatin which coats and acts like a shock absorber.

Thyroid Conditions-Not only is the fish stock a great source of iodine but it contains thyroid nutrients.

Supports the Kidneys-Remarkably the fish stock reduces the body’s need for protein by up to 50% and can reduce blood pressure which allows the kidneys to work at a more normal rate.

Pet’s Teeth-The fish stock can re mineralize tooth enamel and help to repair ligaments and tighten teeth.

Skin and Coat-You will notice an amazing difference in their skin and coat. It will become shiny and thick.

Diabetes- The sardines stimulates insulin secretion naturally.

Answers fish stock is an amazing product allowing the animal to boost his immune system in hopes of gaining better health. Answers Pet Products is a Colorado Company known for great products and the science behind them. Why not give it a try?





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