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It was a cold day and my office door opened to a skinny, hairless puppy. She immediately jumped in my lap and gave me kisses. This was my new foster dog which My Fairy Dawg Mother ( saved from a trash heap in Houston. I named her Matilda aka Tillie.

Matilda was a very sick girl. Her mange was out of control and yellow snot coming from her nose was like a faucet I couldn’t shut off. She was very stinky from the infection with numerous scabs on her body and a fever. I put a very girly collar on her just so she could feel pretty.

My thoughts were first to get some weight on her and then work at getting rid of the mange. My work was cut out for me. I found out that mange is an inflammatory skin disease caused by mites which explode on dogs with a low immune system. The fur on the dogs actually falls out and leaves the skin with large scabs. She had demodectic mange which is the most common and not contagious.

I am not a vet so I wanted to treat her in the most holistic way I could so I began with feeding her Answers fish stock ( and Answers goat’s milk ( to build up her immune system with lots of probiotics. In addition, I introduced Answers fermented raw food as her main diet. Tillie was also given colloidal silver in her food (2 drops per meal) and diatomaceous earth food grade powder (1 teaspoon with each meal).

After two days, Matilda was battling a secondary infection in her lungs and of course she needed an antibiotic. Her immune system was too fragile to fight it. Along with the food, I started her on Ted’s mange cure which was a combination of borax and peroxide sprayed on her several times a day and allowed to air dry. She was also given a Malaseb medicated bath 4 times a week and after a massage of coconut oil mixed with 2 drops of colloidal silver and 1 drop of doTerra On Guard. She was in heaven getting her massage. All of her beds, blankets etc. were washed daily.

It has been three weeks and Tillie’s progress has been amazing. Her lung infection is gone, she has gained 8 pounds and her hair has almost fully grown back. WOW!!! 
Needless to say, Tillie is a foster failure. We bonded so deeply over the healing process that I decided to adopt her. It has been the best decision of my life.


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