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Rocky Mountain Antler Chews

Tired of spending money on chews for your dogs that only last a few hours? Rocky Mountain Antler chews will last a very long time compared to bully sticks and other chews on the market.


Rocky Mountain Antler Dog Chews come from naturally-shed deer and elk antlers and contain a great source of calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, magnesium, iron, zinc and manganese. Nothing is added to them so you can rest assured that what your dog is chewing on comes from nature with all the goodness it has to offer.




Rocky Mountain Antler Chews won’t splinter, don’t smell, and won’t stain furniture or carpet.


Available for all dog sizes. 

Rocky Mountain Antler Chews - Rocky Mountain Antler Dog Chews [click to enlarge]
Rocky Mountain Antler Dog Chews


Benefits of Antler Dog Chews 

Antlers are wholesome dog chews that give your dog hours of enjoyment.

No other treat or toy can claim to be more natural than Antler Dog Chews. These antlers are completely unprocessed.

Rocky Mountain Antler Chews come from deer and elk after they naturally shed their antlers each year.

Antler dog chews are the longest lasting chew on the market. The antlers will not cause injury or illness from splintering or processing.






After the natural process of losing their antlers each spring, male deer and elk grow another set.


The shed antlers are then collected and cut into various sizes for your dog. That's it!


No dyes or taste enhancers are added because it is unnecessary. Dogs love them the way nature intended.


These mineral-rich chews will outlast any other chew on the market, and they are naturally full of calcium and phosphorus.


These antler dog chews do not splinter, do not smell, and do not stain furniture or carpet.

Quick Information
  • Longest lasting dog chew
  • Cut to size, and unprocessed
  • No other dog chew is more natural
  • Full of calcium & phosphorus
  • No splinters, stains or smells
  • Dogs LOVE Antler Chews!
(Total Qty must be at least 1)
 Medium Dog (20-30 pounds) $10.00 each
 Large Dog (30-50 pounds) $16.99 each
 Extra Large Dog (50-80 pounds) $24.99 each
 XXL Dog (over 80 pounds) $42.99 each
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