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Picky Eater

Finicky Eater

So many dogs get tired of eating the same food every day.  If you think about it, why wouldn’t they?  There are several suggestions that you as their owner might want to consider.


How often do you feed your dog?  If you have a puppy, the dog must eat 4 to 5 times a day.  This is vital for their growth and development.  Puppies need the added calories, vitamins and minerals for their rapid growth rate.  Older dogs should eat two times per day.  Once a day feeding should not be an option.  The dog becomes so hungry that they gulp their food down and this may lead to bloat, a very serious and often fatal condition in dogs. Free feeding, on the other hand, can train your dog to be lazy, picky and possibly have weight issues.  He usually doesn’t look forward to eating and tends not to eat well. 


No table scraps.  This leads to a dog who only wants people food.  Now you have a problem because people food alone is not a healthy diet for your dogs.


A simple solution for your finicky eater is to add one tablespoon of premium canned food as a topper to his dry food.  Rotating the protein source every several days is important so he stays interested in eating.  Microwaving the canned food for a few seconds can entice your dog to eat because of the added smell. I have found that just a few changes in your dogs eating habits will allow him to become more excited about his meal.

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